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Mobile applications for business ... Developed using latest Agile techniques ... Using open standards

What We Do

We make modern, stylish, content driven mobile applications that allow you to engage with your customers, and allowing your customers to engage with your business!

We build our mobile applications using a hybrid mobile application framework using an Agile, iterative development process.

As a client, this means that you get very early access to the application during the development process allowing you to interact and fine tune the interface and user journeys to meet your requirements exactly.

Typically we can save our clients up to 40% on development costs compared to native application development.

We Create Mobile Applications

Imagine being able to update content on that mobile application, publish Push Notifications, send SMS messages and emails, send application alerts ... all at the click of a button, from a simple and intuitive web interface.

Imagine being able to scan Barcodes, QR codes, RFID tags, make payments, get feedback from your users ... an application that integrates with your data to drive customer engagement and sales. Imagine it ... and let us build it for you.

We Build Websites and Dashboards

We create beautiful websites where you can manage your content using a simple but powerful Content Management System (CMS). The websites we build can be integrated with your data and even your mobile applications to drive your customer engagement.

Our recommended CMS systems are Umbraco and Wagtail. These are best of breed, modern, intuitive CMS systems enabling you to create great content. Contact us and let us give you a demo!

Who We Are

We are a small team of open minded, passionate, creative and skilled people with a broad range of skills and experience in technical consultancy, computer infrastructure, database development, mobile and web development.

We are able to bring that expertise and experience to the development of the website and mobile application that you are looking for.

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(Company Director)
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(Fullstack Developer)
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(Fullstack Developer)
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(Business Development)
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(Systems Architect)

We create mobile applications, specifically for the business environment.

We create mobile applications that can be updated dynamically, that can integrate with your business data and processes.

Mobile applications that are intelligently crafted and engaging to use.

A picture paints a thousand words and a Prototype creates a moving picture ...

Our Agile approach creates an early Prototype of the mobile application with full navigation allowing immediate and informed feedback to ensure that it meets your requirements exactly, allowing you to fine-tune your ideas and see them in action quickly.

Open source keeps you free from vendor lock-in ... it allows you to build the functionality you want without restriction.

We are big believers in freedom; Freedom from license fees. Freedom from single platforms. Freedom to explore and create.

Clients And Partners

We have successfully worked with many different clients and partners.

Gavin Colborne
Little Forest Limited

I wasn't sure it could be delivered under such a tight deadline ... you guys came through for me, thanks ...

Ian Waters
Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services

Your team have done an exceptional job to get this project finished ...

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